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Director of Käsmu Meremuuseum (Sea Museum) Aarne Vaik in front of museum sign using his laptop.
Photo: Toomas Tuul.

Internet as global network is very important part of 21st century world. As we all want to show our things out good, so we have to look good in Internet, too. represents small group of people, who work in networked world in some way and can organize things in Internet.

We offer:

Internet marketing, content management, web campaign consultations, Internet cources, build web pages, newsletters etc. Our good partner in physical networks is We and our partners, who have long media and press experience can help to open blog, create web news, post to social networks (Twitter, Orkut, MySpace, Facebook etc), compose a newsletter, press release or technical text.

And - we do video now! Check out Kaido Einama travel videos at

Our works and envolving projects: - this is our main page - most popular Estonian nature site known internationally - popular nature bus trip and concert trip organizer, their old web - fishermen village, museum and festival site - nature travels for youngsters - folk festival
Hotell Trapp - abandoned web - politician's campaign web - tourism farm - concert organizer - business IT magazine since 1993 - chapel - ecotourism union - their old web, municipal TV station - Tallinn 2011 European cultural capital project of new media

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Kaido Einama
editor in chief of and
MTÜ Reisijutud CEO